Ride on a low-bed hay trailer while you see different colors, types, shapes and sizes of live farm animals. You'll learn the countries where breeds originated, their character traits, some farm animal facts and amazing livestock stories!

Pioneer Suppers

and Entertainment

Visits, donations of feed or supplies, volunteering, and many other ways are available to help. All donations are tax-deductible, whether monetary, animals, supplies, equipment or labor, and are sincerely appreciated!

Tours and Entertainment


Dedicated to the preservation of farm livestock and to recognizing their contributions now and throughout American history.



Meals are held in our air-conditioned and heated 49er Miner's Diner. Enjoy a casual, 'lip lickin' supper after, before, or instead of a tour. Our menu includes typical foods eaten by America's migrating pioneers of the 1800's. Following your supper, you may sit back, 'take'er easy' and listen to ...